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    hmmm,, mmmmhhh,,

    I can see stuffs a'goin' on 'roun' 'ere...,,,...

    The general positivinessizzle, seems to overwhelm ,,, the negatativetesszism.... in these parts..break it down slow,, you'll savvy..
    That's more'n likely the main reason I cruise through here....

    Not much knowledge to drop.... but,,, sounds like Chalk was on a mission...

    Mak Dashbee... It's Ok to report in ,, "nothing to report!!" That's what I'm sayin'!

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    hello ramblers.
    prayers for dallas may ya get it done right this time.mrs deb knee mails for ya knee,george knee mails for your knee.
    gots the bad head ache this morn so rambler or in my case talk to yalls later.play nice

    ok already im honk honk honking.

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    Default Happy AM or BS

    This is where you can find both if ya look hard enough. For some of us, it just comes natural like fur on a mouse.

    Dallas, had Tina been eatin the bait again....IJA
    Me thinks the DR ought to do this one for FREE....YSWM
    I'm gona try that as soon as my CRS leaves long enough while I'm in the store.
    Maybe I should send myself a memo...

    Mac home boy, what ever happend with the vid camera you was so hot to trot with???
    You been videoing the RHS or something...IJA

    Gona have a fairly busy day today.
    Gota make 4000 file folders printed one side, score it and fold them for one fellow.
    400 premade file folders printed inside and out which means I have to unfold them, print both sides and then re-fold them.
    2500 envelopes
    Make 200 scratch pads from already printed paper, the client had 10,000 letterhead left over after they had an address change from the USPS. So they want me to cut the wrong info off and make pads out of them.

    Last night, I drove the tractor home from work and came in through the front door and yelled, "Honey, I Home". Traffic was a *****, got cut off by a cat running infront of me while coming around the corner of the house....LOL
    Told the HMW I felt like the drunks in town that lost their license and drive lawn tractors down to the liquor store to get their daily beer...LMAO Maybe I should put one of those tall flag pole on it too. I've seen some funny get-up where they have put a cab on it, added a stereo, added long exhaust pipes, covered it with bumper stickers, pull a wagon.....etc, etc.

    Cheap, how's the SS Sleaze project coming along ????
    After ya get it done, take a couple pot shots at it to make it authintic lookin.
    Add a couple solar spot lights to it with some colored lenses. Add a flasher from a Xmas tree string. Hell, ya might make a new hang out for the locals. They haven't discovered "Disco" yet have they???
    I bet their stuck in the "Burn a Rug" time.
    Glad I could help...

    Time for a re-fill of mud.
    Got an hour to burn a few while waitin on the political statement.
    Almost forgot, I was reminising on ebay and was looking at Bazooka's and Banjo's.

    Still curious who lives caty wompus (north east) from Mac home boy in the big house....!!!


    PS: I see Jimbo, in the past has been getting the damn caps locks now. Ain't no way your gona backspace over it..LMAO

    What day is it???? I forgot...

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    Default 65

    I wouldn't lie, southern breeze thru the trees. No rain.

    Not much to share if'n you care.

    Today we get to vote on some local issues, tomorrow some will need tissues.

    Set a record high yesterday, but got no trophy.

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    My grandson's baseball team won last nite. I think I'll get drunk, turn over a car and burn the town down.


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    Mac home boy, what ever happened with the vid camera you was so hot to trot with???

    Q from Sir ~~~~~

    I have got six or seven in the hopper, edited, etc., but and as U know, theres alway a butt. Can't get them from here to You Tube so folks can see them. Got someone who's suppose to help me with the final step, but and there it is again, it just hasn't happened. YKWIM, maybe not.

    Oh Eagle Eye, the house to the NE (brick veneer one) belongs to a fireman (works in the big city of Charlotte) and his nurse wife and the 1.5 story vinyl clad house belongs to my daughter and her husband. Surprised U missed my utility trailer that was in one of the photos. It's a 5X10 footer, single axle.
    Nil desperandum
    "Mac was born to fish an forced to work." Quote from Keith Mette, July 6, 2013
    Mac's web site >>> http://gofishingwithmac.weebly.com/

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    Mornin all.
    Man I hurt in places today I didnt know you can hurt lol. guess my body dont like standing on ladders for long periods of time. I told the wife I am glad we got good stain as I would hate to have to restain this thing down the road lol. Think staining it hurt more then building it lol.
    DaveO nice lookin sinkers. I got to find me some more lead getting hard to in cali though dang libtards outlaw everything wonder if they will outlaw feeding obummer next.
    Ok I am outta here breakfast is callin. See yalls laters.

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    Good morning ramblers.. 37 degrees here n northern ohio. Calling for t storms today. I am about to put my waders on and head to a crick bout 3 miles down the rd from here. Maybe wont be so over ran with them carp and more steelhead instead. Guess carp is bout to start doing the hokey pokey as Buddy would say. Dont no about the right foot in and right foot out thing. And sure n hell not sure about shaking it all about.. lol That buddy is a trip.. Good laughs. Well u folks have a good n.. Imma do me some fishing..

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    Default The other NE....

    The NE across the water...LOL
    This is the one I was inquiring about....
    I noticed the "H" in the pool and was curious.

    Attachment 176283

    This one is my Uncles. He grew up around Cheap's backyard.
    My mom lives back behind it, the drive that continues behind the house. The house is 3 years old and they haven't moved into it yet....Currently, they live in a house right next to it directly south of the new one.
    Attachment 176282

    Didn't see any trailers.....

    What day is it???? I forgot...

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    Quote Originally Posted by BubbaCat View Post
    Bless your heart Glen.

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