i need opinions.

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    Default i need opinions.

    i am trying to get some ideas to have some more events this year. i need to apply for the permits.
    i was thinking of have some 6 hr nightime tournaments. they will be 3 fish weigh in and same rules.
    i know some guys like to fish all night, and some dont. i want to round up as many boats as i can. the more boats the better the payout. i was thinking 6pm start 12 midnight weigh in. if you want to go back out fishing have at it. but i think by having a 6 hr event at night would bring more guys out that don t want to fish all night. it would also be better on the fish also. less time to keep them in livewells or decoy bags with the warm temps.

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    id be there......... but i would maybe start them earlier, say maybe have a 8hr tournament cause it takes forever to get places in the dark so alot of the 6hr's would be dedicated to travel time. all other rules worked out very well in the last one.

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    it don t get dark till 8 pm in summer.

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    In the heat of Summer they usually don't bite until dusk, at least for me anyway. I'm still on the side of the all nighters and having the weigh-in in the daylight, but maybe 8 til 2 a.m., then 'til the weigh-in is over it would be 3:00 or so 'til we hit the road and by then most of the drunks will have had an hour to crash into something else.

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    I'm in no matter what but I like the all nighters

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    Also, I hope your thinking about Lake Aldred.
    Goldsboro is no place to be on a Saturday night in the Summer for reasons mentioned earlier, and the Long Level ramp is an overpopulated joke in the Summer.

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    Have to look at your risk also.

    If you launch them with light, safest route, would be to allow a return trip under light conditions.

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    i was going to do them at lake aldred.

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    how about daytime events lake aldred. 6 am till 2pm. i know the catch won t be as high as night time, but like i said, i want to get good turnouts.most 7pm - 7am events i have fished there was at most of 20 boats. if i can have a day event and have 30 boats then thats the way i ll go. somebody will catch fish, somebody will win.

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    I like the 6-12 or an 7pm -7am maybe run one of each? I'm game on whatever i'll be there . Catfish Commando has good point too.

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