Ideas for homemade rod storage for my boat

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    Default Ideas for homemade rod storage for my boat

    Any of you guys with aluminum boats have a homemade rod storage system? My G3 came with a "cheesy" 3 rod storage system mounted to the side. It's pretty much uselss and I would like to see a pic or description of any solutions you guys have found. I'm looking to avoid paying $300+ for an aluminum 7' gun/rod box.

    Also, does anyone know where you can get an aluminum box for gun/rods that won't break the bank?


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    Brian- I had a crappie boat (stick steering w/3 removeable pedestal seats down the center), that had a side rodholder like the one you mentioned, but I liked it. Seemed like it was made from a 1X12 & would hold 6 rods, and had the rubber clip-in holders. Maybe you could improve on yours?

    You might consider a stand-up model? Or make one out of 1.5" PVC. Bolt some caps to something (board?) then glue your pieces of pipe into it. I think the spinning models have a groove in them so the reel support will slide down into it.

    Just a quick thought..........

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    Don't know if this would work for you.
    But I like mine.
    Here is one of the side .

    Mine will hold 12 rods. And there spaced to keep them apart.

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