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    I've been around the Joplin area for 4 years but until this spring hadn't done much serious fishing at all... I went out tonight and caught a decent 28" flathead on shoal creek... does anybody know what a 28" flathead should weigh?? I was guessing 8-12 lbs but could be off by a bit...
    does anybody on here do much fishing in the sw mo area?? care to share any ideas or good places to fish?
    pics to come, should help with a weight estimation...

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    Welcome to the board Jace, near 10lbs here is a link that gives estimated weights of catfish Length/Weight Chart | MDC

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    thanks man, love these forums, i've relearned so much i'd forgotten and learned lots of new info. Its been a while but when the pole tip sucked down to the water i still knew what to do... didn't have a net and wasn't expected such a nice fish on cut bait so i had to just pull it to shore and grab by the mouth.
    I think i'll invest in a net for the next trip, maybe an 8-10' rod and try using whole perch for bait... we always called them black perch but i guess it is actually called a green sunfish, oh do they make great flathead bait!!

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    Default we always called them black perch but i guess it is actually called a green sunfish,

    Welcome aboard jace! Green sunny's are the best bait I have ever used also! Stay alive all night or until something eats him. Lol. I caught my PB flathead on a green sunny. 42 lb but I also cut the sun fish up trying to catch Chanel cat and the flathead ate it first! Not much of a flathead fisherman but I will take em if I can catch em!

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