TOP 10 catfish spots in north america

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    Default TOP 10 catfish spots in north america

    Id have to say
    1.San-tee cooper reservoir
    2.James river
    3.Mississippi river
    4.Missouri river
    5.lake Pickwick
    6. Ohio river
    7.lake tawakoni
    8.lake texoma
    9.cedar creek reservoir
    10.Apalachicola river

    am i close what do u guys think

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    I know you missed the Red River up in Manitoba Canada, has got to be on top of the list when your talking channels

    hard to say the Mississippi river and the like are spots considering the lengths of them

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    1. Wheeler / Wilson
    2. Mississippi River
    3. Ohio River
    4. Missouri River
    5. James River
    6. Santee-Cooper
    7. Red River (north)
    8. Tawakoni
    9. Tennessee River
    10. Arkansas River

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    I don't see Kerr lake in Va. The Current State record of 109 was just set there in March. Beating the James. The James is a very good spot, But Kerr is too.Also, I definitely wouldn't put Santee Cooper above either of these. Just my opinion though....

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    Guess it depends on what you are using to rank them. numbers? size? but wheeler/wilson/pick is hard to beat and the mississippi and missouri have produced some monsters. And i have to agree about the red river for the number of monster channels that come out of there.

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    You might wanna add the Cumberland river as well to that list.

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    Quote Originally Posted by riverbud55 View Post
    I know you missed the Red River up in Manitoba Canada, has got to be on top of the list when your talking channels

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    I have never targeted catfish outside the states of Tennessee and Kentucky, so am very limited in my knowledge of other states. But just from memory from reading experiences on here and other sources such as books and outdoor magazines, I would have to take wild guess at some of these. I also think below the dams at the Land Between the Lakes are right up there.

    In no particular order:

    Little Emory River
    Emory River
    Clinch River
    Tennessee River
    Missouri River
    Santee Cooper
    Mississippi River
    Wheeler Lake
    Ohio River
    James River

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    #1 Potato Creek
    #2 Griffin Reservoir
    #3 Thomaston Resevoir
    #4 The beaver pond off of hwy. 74
    #5 That farm pond over behind the Indian store...

    Like stated,What are you ranking them for?Quantity or quality?...

    For flatheads,the Altamaha and Ocmulgee rivers could make that list...

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    Like Festus I have fished a few states and all up and down the Mississippi River from St.Louis to the Gulf . So I could only do a top 5

    1. Wheeler / Wilson (never fished but dream of it)
    2. Missouri River
    3. Ohio River
    4. Mississippi River
    5. Tennessee River

    Finishing the list with my area , but not the best in North America . However they are the best in my area .

    6. Carlyle Lake
    7. Rend Lake
    8. Baldwin Lake
    9. Kaskaskia River
    10. Lake of the Ozarks (MO.)

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