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    Luke,, as always, a great article that's interesting and fun to read!!

    Appreciate the perspective,, Years ago, I started a "Respect and Gratitude" ritual about game animals I kill,, by streaking some of it's blood across my cheek.. to "Thank and Honor" the animal I just killed. It means more than that, but, I do it for honor and respect of the animal, and Thanks to the Provider!


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    Default Good write up Luke

    Yea they take the hunten shows to far and need to sow a lil reverance for that they kill. Some basic gear is nice but as scotty said ya dont need the kitchen sink. I think its funny they always taken 300 yard shots. Seen that craze dont like it its a sales pitch for rifles. Funny thing $150 buck singel shot rifle $200 scope I do just fine lol.
    Nuthen wrong with it takena deer or 2 that far out. But if ya know what ya doen most the time ya can have that same deer within 50 yards of ya. Some of the bow hunting shows are ok. I have seen some even have time lapse in and out. I like a guy who is down to earth and willen to wait for 4 days and 12 hrs for a good bow shot on wild unfenced deer. I dont agree with hunting over feeders but that is a regional thing by state. Here we hunt the hard way as ol Barta used to say lol.
    I wish they made more down to earth hunting shows. One of the best shows I ever seen and cant remember the name, but the guy was in a wheel chair had almost no use of his arms. It was him and family hunting together. It was just hunting plain and simple. He done ok was happy just to hunt and the kicker he downed some deer does, small bucks and one nice one. They showed family and freinds hunting together setting up blinds, stands, and processing game ect. The way hunting should be a family event , good time and fellowship with a reverance for nature.

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    I for one stopped watching because of a day back in the 80's when I pulled into a cove on Truman Res. and saw one of the oldest guys making a show, and I won't name names, but he was casting to another boat and having them hook a big bass on his line and he reeled in in. I then decided I didn't need to watch any more.

    At the same time I have to admit I have followed guides around to find good fishing spots.

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    I am not sure I am buying this thing. I agree I do not like the commercial videos out now. So I do not watch them. Man just go hunt and enjoy it the way you want to.
    Same thing goes for fishing.
    Your not out there to impress anyone. The only person you need to please is yourself.

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    For the record I do not like hunting shows for all the reasons listed above. I do want to point out that I have shot many fishing shows over the past decade and we have always done it legit. No re-hooking or having other people bring us fish. NONE. Sometimes it takes us two hours to shoot a segment and others it takes nine or ten to get the right fish for the job. Of course editing does happen and many fish don't make the cut.

    I am not saying all are as legit as the ones I have worked on but don't call them all fake and yes we do honor the the trophies for how special they are.

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