Oklahoma paddlefish permits

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    Lawrence Wise
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    Default Oklahoma paddlefish permits

    If interested, you can renew / obtain your paddlefish permits from this site...


    I believe it also allows out of state people to get a permit. Cost is ... free. You can't beat that. LOL

    I believe the page you go to has a button you click on below the initial viewing area....scroll down and click the pip for a paddlefish permit. Most people will have to registger as new... unless you obtained a permit before.

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    I loved snagging below Twin Bridges ,now with all the regulations and permits concerning snagging spoonbill I quit snagging several years ago,miss the fun but can't stand the headach of trying to follow so many regulations!

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    Tyler Payne
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    It's weird that you still have to get a permit even though it's free.

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