Ohio River Fishing - Evansville/Henderson Area

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    Default Ohio River Fishing - Evansville/Henderson Area

    I have been wanting to try fishing the Ohio River near the Evansville/Henderson area. I am only use to fishing/boating the White River so it is quite a bit different. After doing some reading on here from various posts, I think I will go with the suggestion of asking if I can find someone willing to take me out on the Ohio River to allow me to get a feel for the river along with picking up some helpful pointers on reading the river and dealing with barges.

    I work full-time during the week so I was thinking some weekend. However, I could probably schedule a PTO day to go. I will provide all my own gear, drinks, etc along with chipping in on the gas for the boat. So if you don't mind taking one more or are looking for someone to fish with. I would really appreciate the help.

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    far as barges go, just don't let one run over ya whatever you do. lol- and if you've got a little boat like I do, stay back outta their wake.
    shoot man, if I can survive it, anybody can lol- it ain't no biggie.... finding fish is the biggest challenge.

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