Best way to put creek chubs on hook?

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    Default Best way to put creek chubs on hook?

    I have been having trouble keeping creek chubs on my hook. Using med. size chubs on 6/0 circle hooks. I've been hooking them under the top fin, but have trouble casting them off when trying to throw out from the bank. goldfish, isreal's, and bluegills seem to stay on but the creek chubs seem to be soft sided and cast off easy. Is there a differant way i need to hook them and still keep them alive?

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    I don't fish with them live, I hook em through the eye and thread the hook through the body and out the back of the gut pocket..But a good way to keep live on the hook when you throw it is to get a wide rubber band and cut a lil piece and after you hook the chub where you want put the piece of rubber band on the point till it passes the barb.That should help..

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    Could try hooking them through the lips. I've had pretty good luck with that, and they stay alive especially if you're fishing in current.

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    I run it through the eye sockets. then turn the chub and put it through the gut. I know it sounds goofy, but it releases their oils better and they do stay alive quite awhile if you are careful to avoid vital organs.

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    Ihook mine up thru the top lip and bring the hook point up thru the nose hole they cast good and stay alive that way they can breathe I never hook thru both lips on any of my baitfish they will stay alive all night hooking this way

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    Lip hooked or hooked in front of the tail thru the center part missing the backbone. We use J hooks so that may make a difference too. Under the dorsal fin works also but they dont seem to stay as lively to me?

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    I quit trying to keep them alive, they work just as good dead. Keep them fresh though, on ice and away from water.
    If you hook them through the head, you get bit on the tail. If you hook them through the tail, you get bit on the head. Hook through the middle, you don't get bit! This is of course till a big old flat comes along and just inhales the bait no matter where its hooked! lol :act-up:

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    I like to fish mine live as I do with all my flathead bait. I often hook them though the nostrils, in one and out the other with a short shank gama 5/0 wide gap live bait hook, don't try to throw them as hard as you can,they are a "soft bodied" bait and flatties love them. throw them with a smooth slow start and build speed gradually on the cast,a rod with a softer tip helps alot. Yes a flattie will take a dead bait but live bait gets hit much harder and really turns them on.

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    Use a small treble hook as a stinger hook. Use a hook no bigger than a 4-5/0 j-hook in the roof of it's mouth and then use a small treble hook attatched to the main hook just long enough to reach the tail.

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