Ohio River near Huntington, WV

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    Default Ohio River near Huntington, WV

    Hey guys, I know this is the Kentucky board, but not much posting seems to take place under the WV section. I might be attending Marshall University for grad school next year and I am looking for some info on the catfishing up in this area. I see that the Ohio River and the Kanawha River run through this area. Do any of you guys fish the Ohio? How is it for cats?? It seems like there are some nice flatheads and channels, but how about blues?

    Thanks for the input!

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    Ken Spradlin
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    Jump into the local Ky section will be a great place for you to make some catting friends in the area. We all hang out in the East Ky.thread and discuss most of our fishing there.Several of the guys live in and around the Ashland /Catlettsburg area. I take it you live in Ohio??

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    Thanks for the response Ken...I currently live in North Carolina. I will most likely be up in the Huntington, WV area next fall and was just trying to see if this stretch of river had any good fishing.

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    there is loads of good fishing, its just a matter of going and when you go... usually if you are looking for someone to fish with, someone will be happy to aplige you. if you have a boat jon will be your new best friend, since larry has been a little awal here recently.

    kens right, goto the EKY thread and you will meet some good guys. most of us are geared up for walleye/sauger right now, but catting can always be done. Huntington is only a hop skip and a jump from where we all fish, BigKane works there and lives just a minute from most of our fishing holes.

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