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    Default power plus trophy class rod

    Has anybody tried out the power plus trophy class rods from bass pro? I bought one its a 7' boat rod 50-80lbs but have not used it yet. IT was only $24.99 and the guy at bass pro kinda talked me in to it. I was about to buy a ugly stick tiger....i may have mess up!

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    I don't own any of them but have used them in a freinds boat. They will get the job done that's for sure. If I needed another rod I'd consider getting one.

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    The tiger stick is real hard to beat in fact for the money any Shakespeare is hard to beat Just my 2's

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    Larry Melvin
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    I'm sure the tigers are better rods, but i own 2 power plus rods, i love em for the price, they are on my lighter rigs, but i am comfortable with them for most fishing. i would like to know what you think about them after you use them, i have recommended them to alot of folks and never have heard another opinion.........

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    I have two of them... couldn’t beat the price.. Those poles have a lot of back bone.. my only prob is that I wish they had a more flexible tip... I had some good rips and it just vibrated in the rod holder no bend what so ever..

    besides that they are good boat poles.. I would recommend them

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    Janeiro McIntosh

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    I have one I bought a couple of years ago. These rods have alot of backbone. I've been thinking of buying another. Then again I own 67 rods already:smile2:

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