Neosho River at Chetopa,Ks

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    Default Neosho River at Chetopa,Ks

    Does anyone go down to chetopa,ks and snag below the dam if so how is it down there and how bigga paddlefish do u get ive never been but im goin this spring. also is there any good catfishing under the dam jus in case i dont have any luck snaggin dont wanna drive 3.5 hrs and not have any luck :roll_eyes:. and if any of yall interested in meetin me down there let me know and we'll set suntin up.

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    I have stopped there on my way through. Its a nice park with camping right on the river.
    The spoonbill fishin can be good there, so I have heard. You just have to time it right. Cant help you mush with that, sorry.
    Here is a crappy video of the park and the low water dam.

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    o ok. whens the next time u think u'll be goin through there i think i'll be headin down there around the 21st o march if the waters up see if i can snag a big one. i heard last yr the biggest spoonbill to come outta there was 80lb and they had alot of fish between 15-45lbs. had a good number between 45-60

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    Hey Joe or Anyone:

    I have a Uncle in Galena, and I get there often enough, owuld love to find someone to show me the catfish hot spots in the area. Don't have a boat, but I do have beer and gas money.

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    Twin Bridges Oklahoma Spoonbill weekend? This is a thread I have in the BOC gatherings. This is something we did 2 years ago and I thought we might try it again this spoonbill season.

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    We usually try and get down there at least 10 to 12 times each sponnie season.Its only 40 minutes south of me.Make sure the river is up before you come down or it won't be worth your time.It is a realy good spot for fishing for cats also.LOTS of white cats caught there.I am going to go on into OK. to miami so we can try to shoot a few with the bows this year.Its only a few more miles and the spoonies are alot more concentrated there.Good luck with whatever you decide.

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    thanks for the info. mayb i'll see ya down there. how high would u say the river should be befo i decide to head that way? how big do u get em out from below that dam

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    The river needs to be at least bank full before it gets good.I have seen lots of 60 to 70 pound plus spoonies pulled out from there.The whole key is that the river needs to be over the dam at miami so they can get up there.If its to low you won't see very many if any getting snagged.Twin bridges below miami is the place to go if you have a boat.It seems to be good there no matter what.You can also snag them on Lake of the Ozarks,its pretty good over there also.Good Luck!!!

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    can u snag without a boat down there or is a boat a must

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    I am sure most of the snagging is done on the bank. There are ramps there but its pretty shallow and rocky. A boat probably wouldnt help much, unless you went downstream.

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