United States Catfish Association FAQ

United States Catfish Association FAQ

Here you can find answers to questions about how the board works. Use the links or search box below to find your way around.


MEMBER BUSINESS SERVICES:  Members can now list 1 thread per day advertising their business or service, or promotional updates.  No contest drives, mailing list generation, Affiliate sales, Aceai Berry scams, etc.  If you provide a service or product that could help others, list your thread.  Threads will be pruned monthly. No artificial bumping or secret squads with interest and desire building.  Typically called Pro Staff’s.

NOTE:  If you would like to get more reach, or host a promotional giveaway to get maximum awareness, contact Paul. I have launched more products into catfishing than anyone in the market.

AVATARS:  Image used must be a picture of you, predominately showing your face. 

NOTE: Listen, for the love that all is Holy, if your avatar keeps *disappearing* just fix it.  Wasting 30 minutes explaining what the word,”predominantly” means will not be entertained.

PROFANITY:  No profanity is authorized.  Using special characters such as ^^&&**^* will be considered the same as profanity.  Typical dirty jokes, racism, etc disclaimer. Come on, its 2012, do not be stupid.

LINKS TO OUTDOOR FORUMS:  If the forum competes in the same general space as the USCA, do not do it.

NOTE:  If you managed a local Walmart, do you really want somebody from K-Mart handing out coupon fliers at your main entry way?  I mean, come on, some people are just stupid?


Regular Accounts:  Text Only Supported. 

Level 1 Accounts: Hyperlink’s allowed.

Level 2 Accounts: Hyperlinks Allowed, Images allowed.

NOTE: Feel free to advertise your business or service.  No mailing list development, contest giveaways, Affiliate links, etc.  Plug your stuff, provide value, hopefully find more business. Be cool, as we do have paid advertisers.

Signatures must be no larger than 4 lines of text.  Signatures which are too long, do not conform with the other rules regarding signatures, or which interfere with the display or readability of messages will be edited or removed.

NOTE 2:  For the love of all that is Holy, if your signature was removed do not keep putting it back up.  Notice it said,”YOUR BUSINESS OR SERVICE”.  Not your friend Tom’s, or Billy’s.

PUBLIC QUESTIONS:  Public Posts made asking about the status of accounts, or missing threads that have had some form of administrative action is not allowed.

FUND RAISERS:  Posts made to query the membership to raise funds are prohibited without permission.  Permission is rarely given. 

USCA BASHING:  Bashing the USCA on other public social sites will result in loss of membership when seen or reported.  Duhhhh.

ACCOUNT TERMINATION:  In the event your account is terminated, your material posted to the USCA will not be removed.  Your personally information from your profile will be wiped clean such as,"Avatar, e-mail, Name,etc" to provide you anominity. Removing possible thousands of post(s) poses possible harm and damage to the integrity of the software and will not occur.

COPY PASTING:  Do not copy and paste copyrighted material on the USCA.  If you did not personally create it, its copyrighted.  Summarize and link to it, etc.

NOTE:  If you are linking to catfish content off the USCA, come on?  Like being in a coffee house, telling another customer to go across the street.

CATFISH GUIDES:  Hit us up, we will take care of you!

CATFISH TOURNAMENTS:  Hit us up, we will take care of you!

CLUB / TOURNAMENT START-UPS: Do not use the USCA to create a post(s) asking people if they would be interested in starting clubs, tournaments, or other forms of organizations.  We would be more than happy to create a reciprocal relationship with your organization after you have put your own time, energy, and expense into the ground work.  We do have programs for existing catfish organizations that are bringing value to the membership from their own growth and hard work.

NOTE:  For the love of all that is Holy. Do you really need an explanation on why this is not cool?

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Here you can find answers to questions about how the board works. Use the links below or the search box above to find your way around.

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