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gotta break in the weather, thank God.

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it its 65 degrees right now. big difference in a few days ago. went out to poverty point the morning of the 15th. was bitter cold with a north wind right in the face. spent the morning chasing cats and freezing my butt off. no luck all day. yellow cats. cant get away from them doggone thangs. seems like when nothing else bites them yellows will. so i called the game. but before i left, threw my net and stocked my cooler full of shad. wasnt a total wasted day atleast. even before i went home i knew id been in the cold too long for a southern boy. started feelin kinda feverish, nose runnin, coughin. what the hell? i dont ever get sick. sure nuff, i was down for two days sick as a dog. my wife took care of me and i was feeling better yesterday. today i feel ten times better, and we got 65 degrees outside. im ready to get my bass rods down, and see if they doin anythang. i love to catfish, but there's something about catchin a few 8lbs ers on bass tackle to get your heart pumpin. when catfishin can be slow goin, the Bass action is a good change of pace.


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    i'm looking forward to the end of next month for some good prespawn action with bass also. around here the middle to the end of feburary starts the fishing season. the river has been high all winter so the winter blue bite was a disaster. maybe the spring bass and crappie will make up for it.