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  1. DIY Battery Charger

    I'm sure there is going to be a few out there that think that this isn't such a good idea for what ever reasons. But I have done this in the past & I have had no issues. Back before I got married, in the late 80's, I was fishing out of a bass boat 3 to 5 days a week. I was having problems keeping batteries charged for my boat. Too much fishing & not enough time to get a full charge in between. So I came up with this idea. I charged my batteries from my truck while towing to & from the ...
  2. The Dangers of Hunting Alone

    Went out by myself today. Cut Sticker loose on a track & it wasn't long till he had it jumped. I cut Razzle & Streaker in & the race was on. Dogs split, Sticker took his to the river side of the Ridge & Streaker & Razzle went to the Creek side of the ridge. I stayed mostly on top, I went to the creek side for a little while. I had garmin collars on Sticker & Streaker, Razzle had a Radio tracker on. The dogs were over a mile away in 2 different directions. I chose to go after