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    If it is better than sex.. you're doing it wrong!!!
    this was happ'nin statewide ya'll
    Yeah Matt I read this a few days ago..Good article..Old party pooping Miami is actually making temporary week long laws to curve the drinking and partying by the Saints fans..They can't handle us..LOL..Don't know if you know about saintsreport Matt but it is the best Saints fan sight out there..Come check us out sometime..Its like the USCA of the Saints..Its a great place especially to get news on the Saints and it is well moderated..http://saintsreport.com/modules/Jig/index.php
    Who Dat
    I am closing in on 50, so I must agree with your post. (25 years ago it would be a different story) "Keep em coming" Regards
    Happy Birthday casey,I hope to see you soon.
    i'm looking forward to the end of next month for some good prespawn action with bass also. around here the middle to the end of feburary starts the fishing season. the river has been high all winter so the winter blue bite was a disaster. maybe the spring bass and crappie will make up for it.
    i gotcha dad.
    Put some no-rolls up for Pappa.